I am of Venezuelan and Mexican descent, currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri and started delving more seriously into photography in 2010. I am inspired by the relationships between significant moments and the candid, natural beauty that surrounds us every day. I have had artwork displayed at the Contemporary Art Museum, Art Saint Louis, Soulard Art Gallery, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Third Degree Glass Factory, Lindenwood Center for the Arts, Westminster Press, Old Orchard Gallery, Koken Art Factory, Clayton Fine Art Gallery and Empire Hall.

My work is focused and revolved around abstract, architectural photography with an integration of nature. My artwork specifically seeks to bring viewers into the abstraction through color contrast, multiple exposures, and a painterly effect. Additionally, the use of the Saint Louis City as the foundational basis for this interpretation is particularly intriguing due to the amount of history and decomposition which surrounds us. The artwork seeks to speak to the living and the forgotten environments. 

Also you might asking yourself, "Why angelfallsphotography?" Angel Falls (in Spanish known as Salto Ángel) is the world's highest, uninterrupted waterfall and it happens to be located in Venezuela. I thought it only made sense to integrate my culture into what I love to do!